Gary Clark Jr. : giving Texas a valid reason to brag

Rock the eff out to
– Bright Lights
– Don’t Owe You a Thang
– Things Are Changin’ – Live [solo acoustic]

“I went up a different up person, came down somebody else.” If Jimi Hendrix heard this line by Clark, he’d probably give him a knowing nod saying ‘Yeah man, you got it ’bout right.’ I haven’t heard rock this potent and raw in a good spell of time. He is one Bad Ass Mutha…No, I’m not talking about Shaft but he really is a BAMF. If you don’t know the acronym, figure it out.

I’m not the only one shouting his praises either. Alicia Keys, whom I rarely see eye to eye with, is all about this bluesman’s sound. She’s even performed with him as well. The second video is a live cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Aside from her love of Clark’s sound, I’ve a newfound respect for Ms. Keys for raucous and rocking cover of the Beatles’ number. It makes me with I’d caught her in a karaoke bar before she made it big. I bet she’d pick and perform the hell out of some awesome tracks.

Born and raised in Austin Tx, Clark was raised on blues and even befriended Clifford Antone (Austin’s patron saint of the blues). Clark is on his way into the bright lights and hitting many festivals and cities this year.

Find out more at the Gary Clark Jr. Official Website.

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