The Devil Makes Three: Hell Yeahs and Hootinannies

Slap yur knee or stomp yur boots to these here numbers
– Do Wrong Right
– For Good Again
– Graveyard
– Help Yourself

Imagine the blues and punk rock had a baby raised by hilbillies. The sound that baby would produce would most likely be what you and I know as the Devil Makes Three (DMT).

Constantly on tour (and this year is no exception), DMT was born by Pete Bernhard, Lucia Turino, and Cooper McBean in Santa Cruz, Ca. I’ve no doubt that such frequent road trips have their challenges. One they don’t have is lugging around a drum kit as they have no drummer. Bassist – check. Guitars – roger. Banjo – we got ourselves a hootinanny!

Want more? Find more at the The Devil Makes Three Official Website.

Off the box,
mike ep