Phantogram: Seeing is Deceiving

Sounds for tumbling down down down the rabbit hole
– When I’m Small
– Don’t Move
– Mouthful of Diamonds
– Turning into Stone

Named after an optical illusion called (you guessed it) a phantogram, this group formed in 2007 by a disillusioned duo who’d both returned home to Sarasota Springs NY for a breather. Josh Carter from a stint in NYC with an experimental band formed with his brother. Sarah Barthel on break from pursuing a visual arts degree.

Old Junior High chums, they got together to work on some ideas Carter had. The ideas found traction and the duo’s styles fit together like hand to glove.

Initially they called themselves Charlie Everything. Getting more attention and signing to a label, they changed their name to Phantogram. Their music is chill though has an out-there sound too it. If you can’t make sense of the lyrics, good luck with the videos. I’m willing to bet their concerts are pretty wicked though wouldn’t recommend it for through-and-through rockers.

If you’re headed to Bonnaroo 2012 or know someone going, this band might be one to see. Find out more about them and their whereabouts at the Phantogram Official Website.

off the box,
mike ep