Telefon Tel Aviv: reverberation is sound slowly saying goodbye

Let their beats break upon you like waves with these tracks
– the birds
– I lied
– fahrenheit fair enough

This is the first time I’ve been a bit sorrowful to cover an artist. I was listening to Lusine’s ‘Two Dots’ when I was reminded of another former love: Telefon Tel Aviv. I asked myself “Whatever happened to those beat crazy boys from New Orleans?”

Down the rabbit hole I ventured and didn’t go far to recollect what happened. One of the band’s two members died. Charles Cooper went missing on January 21st before being found dead. While suicide was ruled out, autopsies suggested his death may have occurred due to mixing alcohol and sleeping pills.

Joshua Eustis, the remaining member of the group, has been on hiatus since Cooper’s passing. In January of this year however, he tweeted (that’s a verb now right?) that he’s trying to work on new material for Telefon Tel Aviv.

I’ve included one of their many remixes.

They no longer have an active website. TheOfficial Telefon Tel Aviv Website is more of a memorial site to Charles Wesley Cooper III.

There is a backdoor entrance to the site, but going there will only give you the eerie sensation that you’re visiting a house where you can tell that no one has been home for a long, long time.

off the box,
mike ep