kate miller-heidke: she’s not f*cking kidding you

Laugh, Cry and Rock to these diddys
– Are you F*cking kidding me?
– Can’t Shake It
– Words
– The Last Day On Earth
– Caught In a Crowd
– Politics In Space

Ben Folds is like many greats, he has moments of genius and decisions of questionable merit. Google ‘marriage’ and ‘ben folds’; you’ll figure it out. That’s about all the poo you’ll hear me sling at Folds, as I strongly feel he’s more genius than moron. While I’ve yet to see the reality show he’s on, I know that one of his talents is his eye for talent. At one of his shows, he introduced me to Kate Miller-Heidke. Not personally mind you.

This young Australian has Folds’ same quirky and pop sentiments; from candy-coated pop to sad sad bastard tragedies. Also, she’s freakin hilarious. Good thing she’s married, elsewise Folds might be on his way to his 5th vows. Miller-Heidke is married to fellow band mate Keir Nuttall. Husband Nuttall is from Brisbane as well, and acts as guitarist, singer, songwriter and even producer for the band. Before her marriage, Miller-Heidke went to an Anglican all girls school and was classically trained in opera. Before moving on to a solo pop career, she was an understudy in several major Australian productions. She does some wild stuff with her voice in her earlier recordings and you can really feel her former career in segments.

While not much of an opera fan, I will say that the opera scene suffers at losing her. However, I’m damn glad she came over to the understandable lyrics side of the business.

Find out more about the young lass at the Kate Miller-Heidke Official Site.

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