The Redwood Plan: Dark and Dancy Punk Punch

Tracks worthy of dancing, rocking, fighting or other vigorous activities
– How the Game is Played
– Something to Prove
– Movers Shakers Makers
– For What Its Worth

Exercise is like doing homework for grownups; Its something we all know we should do but have a laundry list of stock excuses as to why we just can’t get to it right now. There are tons of them:

I’m too busy.
Gyms and the people in them stink.
I’m going to miss the season finale of…
My playlist sucks. Ooh Ooh!!! I can help with that!!!
Well, rather the Redwood Plan can help with that.

The Redwood Plan is fairly categorized as dance punk. Normally, I wouldn’t associate punk with dancing. The Redwood Plan pulls it off. Yes, it has a hard edge too it. Yes, you get the sense that anger management might benefit the band (or this is their outlet – who knows). yes, the band loves black and looks like they’d fit right in at your local dive bar where kids play rough. But what they do, they do well. They rock in a way that makes you want to move your business (I am speaking metaphorically here).

Like it, love it or just want more? Head on over to the The Redwood Plan’s Official Website for more about the band, their whereabouts and more of their material.

off the box,
mike ep