LP: Big Hair, Bigger Voice, Little Mandoline

Feel the woosh of LP’s tide in these tracks
– tokyo sunrise
– into the wind
– levitator

To my dear fellow music festival groupies,

First – please don’t wear your mexican sombrero. I know you think its hip and unique and a great provider of shade (the latter of which is totally legit). To the rest of us, you’re just an inconsiderate ass. You’re taking up the head space of Jabba the Hutt.

Second – go see LP’s live set. She’s hitting most of the big ones stateside this year:
Tennessee’s Bonnaroo in June
Chicago’s Lollapalooza in August
Seattle’s Bumpershoot in September
Austin City Limits in October in…well…Austin

Once you’re there, she shouldn’t be too hard to locate; look for the big hair with a smile in the middle and a small mandoline. If you’re running late to her set, you’ll definitely hear her first. This little lady has a BIG voice. She’s gotten some comparisons to folks like florence and the machine and jeff buckley. My personal favorite is her similarity to stevie nicks due to LP’s monster vibrato.

LP’s voice is full of genuine passion and her songs ebb and flow as if they were natural parts of life. Let them be part of yours.

Check out the official LP website if you want to know more than my ramblings.

I mean it now, go see to LP’s set. Now that you’re not wearing your clown hat, we can ALL see the show.

Off the box,
mike ep