XXYYXX: bedroom studio music worthy of paris hilton’s boudoir

When I heard XXYYXX, I was kindly informed by the announcer that this artist creates abstract music. On a philisophical level, I couldn’t tell you the real difference between abstract art and abstract music, but I can tell you that I KNOW this music is good.

It also doesn’t get much more fresh. XXYYXX is the creation of 16-year-old producer Marcel Everett. This Orlando, FL native is producing some phenomenal material. Granted, its not the kind of stuff you’re going to hear on the radio, but isn’t that almost a good thing these days?

I know I don’t stand alone on this matter from the below image of Paris.

However, Our mutual appreciation for XXYYXX may be where our commonalities stop. Well, you can probably add night vision to that list also but seriously, me and paris end there.

This minimalist beat artist is on the move and one that I’d recommend keeping your ears tuned to.

Like him on the XXYYXX Facebook Page, listen to him on the XXYYXX Bandcamp page or or purchase his material via Relief Abstract Records. You can find tour dates on all the sites.

off the box,
mike ep