i fight dragons: the geek squad afterhours

Geek out to these 8-bit loaded tracks like
– the future soon [Jonathan Coulton cover]
– the geeks will inherit the earth
– the faster the treadmill

If you are REALLY SERIOUS about your music, then i fight dragons might fly right over your head (or under your upturned nose if you’re a music snob). This music is stupid silly. Not stupid like that one South African band who went viral because it was train-wreck-bad but stupid in the this-is-really-really-REALLY-nerdy stupid.

I Fight Dragons when geeks grow up who want to start a band but are unwilling to give up either passion. The best of both their worlds was made possible when someone started making music with out-dated video game sound cards. No, I didn’t just make that up. It’s even got a name: chiptune. Chicago-born I Fight Dragons dives even further into that small niche and uses nintendo-only sound cards, that type of music is called nintendocore.

I know you’re all quite enthralled by this amazing auditory blend of nerd and rock, but I’ll have to leave you to pursue that quest on your lonesome. Find out more about the band and their sound at the Official i fight dragons Website.

off the box,
mike ep