dark time sunshine: the soundtrack of heaven, space and mankind

Out of body experiences are what I think of when I groove to dark time sunshine. If you have a hard time putting a bead on the band named ‘Dark Time Sunshine’, you’ll likely find hard facts about the band equally elusive. What I’ve confirmed is that the band is born of a Seattle and chicago union composed of the two smooth gents Onry Ozzborn and producer Zavala. If Ozzborn sounds familiar to you, it’s because he also goes by Grayskul of Rhymesayers. They’ve done work with some of my other favorites in the hip hop world (P.O.S. and Aesop Rock).

Outside of that, I got nothin but opinions. Which are:
– Their beats are fresh
– The lyrical artistry is phenomenal
– They have some wild storytelling in their songs (which is nice and can be a bit rare in the hip hop world).

Find out more about them at the Dark Time Sunshine Official Homepage.

Thats all I got!

off the box,
mike ep