Nathaniel Rateliff: someday, everyone’s cover is blown

Take the image of the stout and stubbly Nathaniel Rateliff into your senses. Seriously, look at the man! Now tell me your first impression of the man. Personally, I see a longshoremen or a trucker (which he actually was for a time). NOW, now I ask you to LISTEN to him. To me, this man who appears like he either just woke up or resurfaced after a week long drinking binge promises to hold attention with his craft.

And dear god, that voice of his; it swings from quiet melodic eloquence to the booming spect Paul Bunyon felling a tree. To go back to his roots, this rough gem of an artist grew up in tiny Bay, Missouri (population 60). Aside from acting as any other kid in his day (making skateboard ramps, explored caves, slept outdoors in the heat), he was the son of devout Southern churchgoers who sang together throughout his childhood. He didn’t actually begin working in music until in his early 20s, while taking a break from his job at the time. He had stints of falling asleep at wheel (this is during the truck driving years). On the break, he learned piano, made 8-track bedroom demos and the rest is history.

I’ve seen this man a few times and he is amazing. His first LP is one of those rare things that is actually enjoyable the whole way through.

Listen to the whole album, find out where he is playing next or just find out more about him at the Nathaniel Rateliff Official Homepage.

off the box,

mike ep