madi diaz: you’ll want to see where this is going

Madi Diaz is the kind of poppy singer-songwriter that you’d like, if you’d only heard of her already. One of the things I don’t understand is why most of us haven’t yet. Pop music isn’t rocket science; Use guitar, drums and bass, give it a pleasant rhythm and add some catchy hooks that are more infectious the plague. BOOM. You’ve got pop music. She’s got the formulas down, and she’s even gotten some great press (NPR), toured with some noteworthy people (the Civil Wars) and had some of her music featured on the t.v. What else does one have to do to get some attention around here?

Then again, maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way. Maybe Diaz isn’t obsessing over how to be the next big thing. Maybe she’s just focusing on her craft and living her life. Reading more about her, I think its fair logic to leap to considering the upbringing she had.

Speaking of, on paper, Madi Diaz has all the makings of a weirdo: she was home schooled, her dad was in a Frank Zappa tribute band and neither of her parents were native to the States (dad was Danish and mom was Peruvian). Once she was of an age to begin charting her own course, she elected to attend schools of a special nature: the School of Rock in Philadelphia (high school) and then on the Berklee College of Music in Boston (where both her father and brother joined the faculty). There, she became the crux of a 2005 documentary about the Rock School program. That part, at least, she recognizes is a bit weird. Most of us just have bad pictures and journal entries of those awkward years of figuring out who we are; Madi Diaz has an entire documentary around those years.

Label her however you like, just let her do her thing. If you’re paying any attention at all, I won’t be surprised if you find yourself more and more deeply engrossed with the engaging and fun sound that is Madi Diaz.

Find out more about this young lady at the Madi Diaz Official Website.

Free Downloads available at the Madi Diaz Facebook Page.

ONE more thing. If for no other reason, the video for “gimme a kiss” has now and forever made me like Madi Diaz as a person; the light-hearted make-out song turns KISS concert, with the band and crowd all having black and white painted faces. Awe.Some.

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