elle king: mean as hell and proud of it

If you think this singer-songwriter is going to cry into the microphone about heartbreaks and regrets and making you wish she’d some other kind of self-therapy than recording, you’d be dead wrong. This young miss is sassy, bold and has one hell of a purdy voice that is both gravelly and sultry.

I’m convinced this gritty young soul is actively cultivating an air of mystique. That or she’s just more interested in less formal introductions; outside of her facebook and twitter account, she doesn’t have much information available on the web. On her twitter account, she is especially prolific. Might I add that it may be a tinge inappropriate for anyone that may favor Puritan values.

I was fortunate enough to come across the above videos by way of the Legends of La La website. Legends of La la is series of musical documentary-style tales exploring what it takes to make it in Hollywood, and in the music industry. The site offers some insightful perspectives and great videos of up and coming artists.

Want more of our lady of King? Check out Elle King’s twitter account or Elle King’s facebook page.

Be warned though, she is a self-proclaimed very bad girl.

off the box,
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