three blind wolves: what does a dream feel like to you

Care for some country and blues from Glasgow, Ireland? Before waving this offering away, I beg you reconsider. While not Frightened Rabbit or We Were Promised Jetpacks (my favorite bands out of Scotland in recent years), Three Blind Wolves will not disappoint.

The kind of sound they create is country, blues and rock well blended with something of a more guttural and dingy nature. You like hard pumping rock?  They got it for ya. You like slow, melodic numbers that pull on those tender heartstrings? Boom, its yours. You like candy-coated and poppy choruses liken to lady gaga? Okay, you can kindly walk on down the road ‘cuz you won’t find it here (but if you stay, your credibility goes way up).

Listen do and purchase their music at the Three Blind Wolves’ Bandcamp Page.

Find out more about these Irishmen at the Three Blind Wolves’ Official Website.

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