David’s Lyre: Harping, Harping and More Harping

Pop quiz – if someone referenced David’s Lyre, what would they be referring to? Give up? British singer and guitarist Paul Dixon did just that; in fact, he named his band after it. For you heathens out there, Dixon’s choice of band name is in reference to mad skills the biblical King David was reputed to have banging out jams on the lyre. Keeping the dream alive, Dixon too plays the lyre, along with the WEM CopyCat, guitar, Autoharp, Marxphone and Omnichord (the latter three instruments look like might have come from the days of fire and brimstone).

Garnishing some good reviews and attention early on, he signed a record contract with a big label in 2010. For reasons unknown to this blogger, Dixon let the contract lapse without releasing an album (hmmmm…intrigue). His 1st full length LP was self-released on Bandcamp early this year and awaits your listening pleasure.

Listen to both his releases at the Bandcamp Page of David’s Lyre.

Find out more about this chap at the Facebook Page of David’s Lyre.