Brown Bird: Going To Hell (where the music is worth a damn)

This Rhode Island duo spins a particularly earthy blend of Americana, armed with all the instruments you’d hope to and then some: guitar, banjo, violin, wooden-rimmed bass drum, double bass and cello. Having the right instruments is all well and fine, but its the foreboding tone of the music of the music and toment-tinged lyrics that really causes their songs to dig their claws in.  Disclaimer – If you’re in a good mood as you start listening to this, that may change. If you’re in a dark mood, that may deepen.

beginning their journey as a band in 2003, Brown Bird’s ranks have changed over the years. The remaining core, david lamb and morganeve swain, drive a sound that is both hypnotic and hard to pin down. It has elements of rock, folk, gypsy and bluegrass. Nonetheless, its plain good damn music.

Find out more about the band at the Brown Bird Official Website.

If you want to get to know them on a more personal basis, check out the Brown Bird Tumblr account.

off the box,
mike ep