JAPANDROIDS: Remember when you thought music couldn’t be too loud?

My pal Doug the Canuck talked these guys up so much I had to give them a go (and yes, for those of you wondering, Doug the Canuck does actually go by the name of Doug the Canuck). I was not disappointed. This Canadian duo is a powerhouse. The would still be considered a powerhouse if there were four or five members, but they still pull it off as a twosome.

If you enjoy their sound, I strongly recommend checking out the Official Japandroids Website for three reasons:

1) They’re on tour and are known to put on a hellova live show.
2) They have a lot more material to listen to aside from what I’ve posted.
3) Their bio, as written by Brian King (one of the bandmembers). These guys are freakin hilarious. Here are two quotes from it.

“Originally intending to be a trio, the boys decided to forego the logistical nightmare of having a ‘lead singer’ and do it themselves.”

“Their ‘songs’ run the gauntlet of rock & roll sub-genres, with the boys ripping off too many different bands to sound like any other duo making music right now.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ah clowns. How I love them.

Hear a good deal of their material via the Japandroids Bandcamp Page.

off the box
~ mike ep