Yuksek: It’s fun and games until your girl takes a baseball bat to your face

If you like your sounds upbeat and dance-worthy, then you’re likely to enjoy Yuksek. French-born Pierre-Alexandre Busson took on the name Yuksek in 2006 when he began taking his DJ skills international.

Yuksek is one busy bee. Aside from releasing a lot of material as an individual artist, he works with a slew of other artists (mainly doing remix work). Some of the most noteworthy names include: Peaches, Ghostface Killa, M83, Phoenix, Moby, Gossip and Tahiti80. 

The video for ‘Always on the Run’ was the first “age-restricted video” I’ve ever come across. Naturally, I was inclined to watch it. I mean, any restriction makes me more inclined to be curious. Turns out it feels like what one might imagine a more peaceful Mad Max world…until the near end of the video where its gets a lil’ crazy and then a LOT crazy.

Here’s a link to Yuksek’s Official Website, where you can find out more about the man and the music.

off the soapbox,
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