Bad Rabbits: The Lost Boys of Boston

The Gap band? George Clinton? Prince? If these names bring you fond memories or merely ones of sweaty booty shakin, then you should listen to this band. Seriously now, this band is freakin fun party music, living nostalgia and, likely, a helluva live show.

Now I can appreciate a band based on music alone but when a there’s a good story in the mix, I’m all in. Here are some highlights; the core of the band are first generation descendants of Indian, Argentinean, and Ghanaian lineage and; they were the backing band for legendary rapper Slick Rick the Ruler from 2007-2010; and one of the more pivotal moments in the bands formation occurred in a YMCA dormitory…in Boston.

Want more, you should and you can get it at the Bad Rabbits Official Website. They’re in studio now and working on their debut full length album with some big names producers. I’d be willing to bet this band gets picked up by big media before too long.

Seriously now, this band is freakin fun. The cherry on top boys and girls is that the band, at present, is allowing listeners to download their full album on the Bad Rabbits Bandcamp page.

off the box,
mike ep