Seryn: bird chirping, roaring and earthquake stomps

Multi-layered harmonies? Horns AND strings in a band? If that sounds like fun to you, then Seryn may be a new love for you. This five piece band from Denton delivers one of those sounds that feels so full and rich that you forgot that music could be happy without the sugar-coated popness that is so oft found on the airwaves.

Its also hard not to love artists who show their quirky and creative side. This can be found on their facebook page, where they note their individual contributions:
Chelsea – violin, percussion, and bird chirps
Aaron – bass, trumpet, cello and bear … more roars
Nathan – guitar, guitar, geeeter, banjo, and guitar. And some mouth sounds.
Chris – drums, banjo, pump organ, guitar, accordion, bells, earthquake stomps
Trenton- ukulele, banjo, accordion, sings the sung songs

Ah Denton Texas, how have you been so darn good at giving us new artists of late? I don’t know, but keep at it! If their creations, gave you a smile, find out more at Seryn’s Official Website.

off the box,