Ólafur Arnalds: breathing life into a dying art

From the burbs of Mosfellsbær, Iceland, we bring you Ólafur Arnalds. What he brings to the scene is a revitalized classic style of music, some would say the most classic kind of music: symphony. Hold on there! You stay right here. Do you want peace in your day? Do you look for beauty in your hum drum and drab days? While I’m not selling anything, if you answered yes to either of those questions you should let Arnalds sounds work their magic on you (or at least give it a try).

First, Arnalds compositions are minimalist. No one will be asking you if you heard the trills in the third measure of the a specific instrument you can hardly pronounce let alone identify in an instrument line up.

Second, the music is so tender and moving. I feel like I should be watching someone’s whole life flash by in the course of 4 minutes, with all the crests and falls, heartbreaks and triumphs, and all that other stuff that encapsulates a life. It’s simply so damned pretty.

Third, this kind of music is a dying art and that is a sad sad shame. We have far too many pop stars, divas, drama queens and wannabes. Real talent and genuine expression is in short supply out there. You should linger on and take in something like this, if only to remember that there is more to music than the top 40s.

If you enjoyed his stuff, please visit his official website. As he’s not well known, I think the only way to get his music is to order it from there.

Though he does offer some free downloadable material via a portal called Living Room Songs.

off the box,
mike ep