Dessa: Everyone fears the fall. Everyone.

This wildly talented and tortured soul hails from the hail-ridden Twin Cities and rolls with the infamous Doomtree collaborative. I will undoubtedly feature every single member of the collaborative over some time (as they’re each ridiculously talented in their own right). Overall, their sound could be called hip-hop with a pretty alternative edge to it and influenced strongly by punk music. Their lyrics are often introspective (something rare in the hip-hop world).

Born Maggie Wander is known widely as Dessa and also Dessa Darling. Prior to mixing it up with hip hop, she rocked the mic as a spoken word artist. She’s also one of those rare artists whose recorded material doesn’t do her justice; I’ve seen her live twice and been blown the eff away each time as if it was my first time to experience such raw talent. I just think this girl has the kind of stuff that just can’t be bottled. Her talent is best served fresh and her talent is very very fresh. For one of my favorite sampling, give Doomtree’s Daytrotter Session a listen here.

They frequently do shows and tour. They also have a hellova lot of material to enjoy. Find out more at the Doomtree Official Homepage.

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