mc frontalot: be careful what you wish for

When I first heard this track, I got damn near the spot where I decide “SKIP!” – but then, the lyrics caught me. And I tell you, this man’s material may lack for a number of things, but in hilarity Frontalot comes at you all in spades. Check out the below video and enjoy his tale of a stoop sale, a magic trinket and just one wish.

Are you of all-things geeky? If so, MC Frontalot may be just what you’ve been looking for in music. They genre has been dubbed Nerdcore. Yes. Nerdcore.

Here’s a quote I snagged from his website. It’s one small example of the amusement you’d get by visiting:

“MC Frontalot welcomes your crush notes, apology demands, and alarming bulletins that you forgot to check on snopes prior to forwarding. Put the word bandersnatch somewhere in your subject heading and it will be easier for Front to rescue your mail should it be kidnapped by his spam-hating bot squad”

To be continued @ MC Frontalot’s Official Home Page.

off the box,
mike ep